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Olive Colemans Family History Page


Introduction/ Names that I am researching / Graves stone inscriptions / The Story of the SS Bandon / History of Port of Cork Steam Navigation / Link to Cork Genealogical Society / Link to Mormon's site / Link to Cyndi's List

My name is Olive (nee Scanlan) Coleman and I have three children Christopher , Colm and Alice . My husbands name is Alan Coleman and we live in Southern Ireland.
I have been interested in Family history since I was about 18 years old. I was at the wake of my fathers mother when one of his cousins started to tell me about the family. When I got home I started the write it down. Then I started to ask questions and to do some research of my own. I have been very lucky in that my mothers mother was still alive and I could ask her a lot of questions. She was able to tell me all about her immediate family and some things about her late husbands family. this family was the most interesting for me as there were a few mysteries to solve before the true picture appeared. There was also a lot of history in my fathers family and I was able to get background information.

My first step was to gather any information I could from living relatives. Then I confirmed this information by obtaining any certificates eg. birth, death and Marriage certs. I then looked in the papers to see if I could get any other information eg. A death notice might contain info about brothers sisters or aunts etc. addresses and religion. Graves were then on my list. I took photographs of gravestones and transcribed them. A trip to the library was then made and I looked up the various directories of the Cork area and made notes of where my ancestors lived. I also went to the probate office to see if any of my ancestors had made will and he presto they did. My mothers mothers came from England so when my parents went to London I asked the to obtain the various certificates that I needed while they were there. I was also able to obtain some English wills. The next step was to buy a computer and get the information into it. I began by using the word processor and I also use a database. Make sure you make at least 2 copies of the data

I hope my webpage will give you an interest in Genealogy and Family History and help you on you way.
To the best of my knowledge the information contained in my webpages is accurate but there may be errors beyond my control

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